Released in 2016, this is EP is a concept of the rise and fall of Soviet Russia.


released January 23, 2016

Luc Gagne: Guitar and vocals
Louis Sippley: Guitar and backing vocals
Pierre Poitras: Bass and backing vocals
Luc Thebeau: Drums



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DISCHORD Moncton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Bolshevik
Summon forth - Revolution
Status Quo - Rot on their Nooses
Freedom - liberty or death
We’ll set the world afire

Marching on - Pure intentions
Overcome - Oppressions of the few
Awaken - Proletariat
Let the working class reign

We’ll set their world on fire

Stack the pyres - Burn the old regime
Obliterate - Dictatorships
Incinerate - All liaisons
We mustn’t leave a trace

Eradicate all blood relatives
Annihilate the Tsars
Leave their bodies hung in the squares
Awaken all to our cause

With centuries of ruler ship, Monarchy became obsolete
Corruption and greedy deeds, just too many catastrophes
From Ivan the Terrible to the Romanovs
We shall take the power by force, how could it get any worse?

Mobilizing in the streets, death tolls are rising ever higher
Violence begets more violence, bloodlusts are creating monsters
Cannot stop, Cannot surrender, cannot let the pressure tear us from under

(Solo – Louis
Solo – Luc)

“Bread, Land, Peace, Power to the people”
Creation of a Utopia
Protect and serve - highest ideals
No matter what the cost

The Cost of War - Millions of lives
Poverty, famines - Peasant unrest
Terminate, Subjugate
Becoming what we hate

Track Name: Stalingrad
(Solo – Louis)
(Solo – Luc)

A mortified mass began to chant his name,
As his idols are erected,
Everywhere we see his face,
Hail the new Kremlin or die

Commanding from his Iron fists, Stalin’s hunger grows stronger
Industrialize the country, climb to world supremacy
Eliminate all dissention, send the rest to Siberia
Bring them to their knees, execute their will
Centralize all resources, feed the war machines

Hunger, famines, multitudes of death
The end will justify the means

Surround the Villages and lay them all to waste.
Put them to the torch, attack them with our tanks
Bomb them from the air, fire all artillery
All must contribute, transformation of our nation
Enslave all the rest, work them to the death

Fall back in line, kill or be killed
The end will justify the means

“Mankind is divided into rich and poor,
into property owners and exploited;
to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; from the antagonism between poor and rich
means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts”

“The death of one man is a tragedy.
The death of millions is a statistic.
Death is the solution to all problems.
No man - no problem.”

Convinced of accomplishing what’s necessary for his country
Realizing never ending hostility
Famine, Pestilence, Death and War
Fertile grounds for the horsemen of the Apocalypse
All hail the mighty Joseph Stalin
Consumed by paranoia
Corruption absolute
In the name of Stalingrad
Track Name: Epitaph (of a fallen wall)
Epitaph (of a fallen wall)
Death – A transitional state
Fallen Empire – new life will sprout
From the crumbled walls

The end of eras
Marks the beginning of
New hopes and dreams
May they last forever more

Absolution – Process of Acceptance
Reaping what’s sown
Emancipation – The Shedding of skin
Embracing the unknown


False prophets, Deceivers
The ones who schemed this grand illusion
Stand on trial, Face judgement
Gaze into your cesspool of corruption
Abdicate, redeem yourselves
Feel the pain of everlasting remorse

(solo – Louis)

Life – Twilight sets on the sins
Beneath the skin
Predestination – conformed to the herd
It’s the blind leading the blind


Cancerous tumors infects us all
Poisonous minds regurgitates - on the innocents

(Cannibalized, infanticide)
Cannibalization of our children
A ray of hope is extinguished - by your epitaph

(solo - Louis)

An empire falls only to be taken
The gluttons of power endlessly - feed off our ignorance

(Cannibalized, infanticide)
Who will win the Arms race of Mutual Destruction?
Perpetual conflict enslaved - to repeat history

(solo – Luc)

Distracted by superficialities
Mesmerized in chasing pipe dreams
Like rats running in place
Churning the wheel of deception